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March 31st 06, 03:22 AM
I have written two dog, one cat and one kids' book for HarperCollins.
I'm currently at work on another cat book about feeding/eating
behavior. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if they fit into
any of the following cat owner categories (or create a category that
best describes you):

The Loving Indulger: you can't resist your cat's pleas for food. She's
so cute!
The Guilt Feeder: You don't spend enough time with your cat and so you
give food to substitute for your time and attention.
The Rushed Feeder: You're so busy, you've forgotten when and if you've
fed the cat. You can't take the time to measure properly.
The Unaware Feeder: You find yourself giving your cat your food while
distracted by something else. You don't really read the instructions on
the bag.
The Epicurian: You love food; of course your cat does, too! You can

I will or will not use names according to the specifications of those
who respond to me. Thanks so much for your time and attention. And I
could totally plug your favorite cat organization in the front of the
book. Paying you for your responses is unethical and called "checkbook
journalism," although I wish I could compensate people for their time.
I don't make much money on these books, but I love pets, too!
Suzanne Delzio

March 31st 06, 07:30 AM
catwriter wrote:
> book. Paying you for your responses is unethical and called "checkbook
> journalism,"

Why not say you can't afford to pay people for their help?

How on earth is it unethical to compensate those who help you?

If you need other people's help to write your book, then you should
compensate them. I'm working on a children's book with my nephew. He
wrote a story for school that turned out great, so he is going to make
it a bit longer, and I am illustrating it with photos. I can use some
photos that I already have, but the story calls for long-haired white
cats. I have not yet photographed a long-haired white cat. And I need
the cat in several different poses. So, yes, I will be compensating the
owner of the cats that I photograph. They are doing me a favor by
taking the time to let me photograph their cats in the poses I need.

So, while i normally get paid for a photo session, when I need the
photos for a specific use and have to find the right subject, I pay
them instead.

There is nothing unethical about paying for an interview. And nothing
unethical about not paying if people want to help you for free. But
lying as an excuse for not being able to pay? That's unethical.