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Leif Erikson
March 31st 06, 08:28 AM
****wit David Harrison, stupid lying pig-****ing
cracker, stupidly tried to evade:

> On 28 Mar 2006, Leif Erikson beat hell out of ****wit David Harrison:
>>****wit, in what way are people who encourage vegetarianism
>>"enemies" of livestock animals? There are two classes of livestock
>>animals: those that exist, and those that don't exist but might later
> They're the enemies of the livestock group(s),

You're merely repeating your false claim, ****wit. I
asked you IN WHAT WAY they are "enemies", ****wit.
Only *existing* entities can have "enemies", ****wit.
Keep that in mind in trying to answer next time.

> People who are in favor of decent AW

That excludes *you*, ****wit:

...but I would just ignore their suffering.

****wit David Harrison
Message-ID: >

You don't care about "decent 'aw'", ****wit, and you
never did.

>>Vegetarians are not the "enemies" of currently existing livestock:
>>they don't want to inflict any harm on them at all.
> We're talking about "animal rights" activists here, not all
> vegetarians. "aras" would *kill* livestock

False. In fact, not just false - a deliberate lie.

Try again, ****wit: In what way are "aras" the
"enemies" of livestock, ****wit, GIVEN that:

- "aras" do not wish to harm existing livestock in
any way
- non-existent entities cannot have enemies

Try to make some sense this time, ****wit.