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Anna via CatKB.com
April 3rd 06, 06:21 PM
>The Kamikaze Kitty, better known as Kami, celebrates her 18th birthday
>today. Old enough to vote!
>She's still a bit frail from her recent bouts of illness, but she's
>bright, alert, interested and still rules the house. I'm not sure how
>much time we have left, but it's quite a ride. This morning she
>celebrated her birthday with a trip to the vet for a checkup. She
>doesn't find that much of a gift, but it was pricey. ;)

Happy Birthday Kami!! And I hope many more to come. (My Missy says to tell
Kami sorry about the vet visit -right on your birthday too - the nerve of
some moms; mine took me to the vet today too to pull my tooth! I was scared
but they knocked me out cold so I don't remember much, all seems like a bad
dream now. Have a good celebration today Kami)


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