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Anna via CatKB.com
April 5th 06, 02:49 AM
>will be a liquid. I was wondering what anyone else's experience with
>this is. Apparently her Creat and BUN shot up, too (5.4 and 100

Poor Kami. I know you said she doesn't like the canned k/d. Have you tried
Royal Canin-IVD Modified Protein canned? It's really high in fat (58.8 DMB
with 264 calories per can while k/d with chicken is 27% DMB and 183 calories)
so she might like that. There's Purina CNM too but don't know the fat and
calories. Also,
have you tried this group? They all have cats with crf in different stages,
it's supposed to be really good and helpful:

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