View Full Version : one more thing...food

April 6th 06, 08:35 PM
Also, The man I got the kitten from obviously wasn't taking great care of
this little kitten (being the reason I couldn't resist taking him home) It
was a quick exchange. When I called him later that night to figure out what
kind of food he had been giving him he tells me "oh, I don't remember" (go
figure)I dont know the reason for that but I assumed he hadn't been feeding
him proper food or had gotten rid of whatever food he had. how do I make the
transition to new food, he's 12 weeks. I have dry kitten food here at home.
Any suggestions of brands that will be easy on the little guys tummy to start
him off?

April 6th 06, 10:27 PM
You could try Innova and I believe they have a kitten formula, or
there's Wellness, or Petguard. I would try some canned food on him
too. You might have to mix a little of it into the dry to get him to
eat it at first.

April 7th 06, 05:20 AM
The kitten will likely benefit more from the easily absorbed nutrients
in wet kitten food for starters. You can consider dry food later, after
the kitten is healthy.