View Full Version : Re: Dolly the Cat only eats dry food.

April 7th 06, 01:08 AM
helmsman wrote:
> Scout and Dolly have lived together for over 5 years before Scout
> passed 2 days ago, in any event she has only eaten dry since birth
> even though 2 different brands and multipul flavors were avalable for
> both cats.
> Is there some supplement we can put on her dry to makeup for her not
> eating wet meat food?

Depends. When was the last time she saw a vet?

What is she missing by not eating wet foods?
If she is the rare cat that drinks lots of water, maybe not missing
much at all.

How is her fur? Is it dry? Shed a lot? Her eyes? Her teeth?
Is she active? How are her stools?

What are the foods that you are now giving?

I ask because it's kind of difficult to really give a good answer
without knowing much info.

Although it seems cats thrive on canned foods, should there not be
a reason to change?

I give my cat 1/2 and 1/2 and her fur sheds less and is less dry to the

I was using Science Diet Light which apparently was not enough as a dry

I have seen other cats thrive on dry food but it's more risky,
especially for
males and urinary problems.