View Full Version : Re: What were pet dogs and cats fed before commercial food?

April 11th 06, 12:50 PM
Hi. I read in one of the "All Creatures Great and Small" books (about
the English vet in the 40's) details of diets. One time the main
charecter told a small boy with a mangy, sick stray to feed him cooked
meat with lots of vegetables. Another story in one of the series told
about how he took a severly obese small dog, (Maltese, I beleive it
said) and told the owner his weight was going to kill him. He put the
dog out with his big, high-energy ones, and fed it on chicken and
On a documentary about Alaskan dogs, it said the Eskimos fed (feed?)
them mostly fish.
I guess they can adapt to various things. Just like with prepared
foods, some dogs may do great on one brand and another on something