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Glitter Ninja
April 12th 06, 04:24 AM
Hey all. Some of you might remember my 14 year old cat Spam, who was
diagnosed with early stage kidney failure and heart problems
(cardiomyopathy, but I don't recall what kind) several months ago.
Spam was born with cerebellar hypoplasia so he has always occasionally
pooped on the floor near the catpans instead of *in* them, but when he
started peeing on the floor, we took him to the vet where we found he
had kidney and heart problems.
He's on a special diet for the kidneys and atenolol for his heart. We
got him a new pan, easier for him to get into. He was definitely doing
better, sometimes even jumping on our laps for attention. Two weeks ago
he started peeing on the floor again, after not doing it for many
months. When I took him in for a brief checkup the vet said his kidneys
weren't worse but to make sure we had an echocardiogram just to make
sure his heart was still okay.
The echo was great. The enlargement of the left atrium has reduced
and there are no other problems thus far.
I asked this vet (a different one) about the peeing on the floor and
he said as long as Spam didn't pee where he was laying, i.e. as long as
he was physically able to walk to the pan, even if he missed it, he was
probably fine.
So I'm wondering if I should get a third opinion on this? Spam has
not declined in any way, that I can tell, except for the peeing, and the
vets don't seem real concerned since the tests came back looking good.
What do you guys think?


April 12th 06, 03:55 PM
I'm sure the vets took a urine sample but you didn't mention it. With that
they could tell if Spam had a urinary tract infection. Do you know if the
vets tested his urine?

Of course I don't look busy,
I did it right the first time.