View Full Version : Best flea & tick control for outside cat

April 15th 06, 03:07 AM
Hi all,

A 12 year old tuxedo cat decided he wanted to live in our house last
spring. He is an tough, wiley, intelligent, outside cat who controls
the small wooded area behind my house. Because he roams through bushes
and even climbs trees going after squirrels, I'm hesitent to put a flea
collar on him.

I found 2 wood ticks on him in the last 2 days. I applied Frontline
plus the day I found the first tick but not sure if this is a good
solution for Jake. I found a second tick today. Has anyone had
success with the break-away flea & tick collars. Knowing Jake, once he
realizes they break away he won't keep it on. I could not keep him in
if I tried and I wouldn't since he loves being out in nature and the


Ed S.