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April 20th 06, 01:15 AM

Click on this link http://www.surveyshare.com/survey/take/?sid=37701 to take a free, anonymous survey. Win a prize!

We can purchase books and clothes, buy groceries, get a loan, e-mail and chat with our friends, and pay our bills-all done quickly online using the internet. WHY NOT GET OUR SOME OF OUR VETERINARY SERVICES ONLINE AS WELL?

Are you tired of making an appointment with your veterinarian, packing up all the animals, and paying a big vet bill just to get your prescriptions and some advice? I have asked that question-and few others-to see if there is a better way of delivering some high quality veterinary services at a reasonable price in a short amount of time. But will it work? Would anyone be interested in it? Your opinion wants to be heard!

You can help me, a licensed veterinarian in North Carolina, find some answers to those questions. Point your browser to:


and take a free, short, and anonymous survey, and throw in a few ideas of your own! As a thank you, three participants will be randomly selected to receive a free $50 gift certificate to Petsmart, just for completing the survey and helping veterinary services move online and make your life easier!

The survey is free, anonymous, and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Pass it on to your friends as well.

The free, anonymous survey can be found at: