View Full Version : Solid Gold, Chicken, Turkey, White Fish & Liver Formula, phosphorus levels

April 26th 06, 11:28 PM
4/26/06, she seems to like it, from Pet Valu, $.99, high in phosphorus,
too high,
Solid Gold's "Chicken, Turkey, White Fish & Liver Formula," gourmet cat

13 ounces has 411 kcals, so by proportion, a 5.5 ounce can would have
174 kcals or kilocalories.

I talked to Elizabeth [okay to give the name of the person in the
company?], 1-800-364-4863, and she gave me the 1.3% phosphorus, dry
matter basis [78% water].

She said that a 13 ounce can [tall can] has 411 kcals. So multiplying
the usual 5.5 ounce can x 13 ounces x 411 kcals, I get 174 kilocalories
or kcals for the 5.5 ounces of the medium can.

My cat liked it a lot so probably high in phosphorus and also meat
since cats like meat and meats are high in phosphorus, I do believe.
The higher the phosphorus content, the more she like it. Hard to find
something low in phosphorus and likeable but there are some.

I had meant to ask the pH levels but getting phosphorus was enough and
that's it for me. If someone else wants to try for the pH levels, I
gave the phone number which I got off the web site:


1.3% dry matter basis for phosphorus is almost double what I would like
for a cat food so this will be a rare treat instead of a more usual
food. I prefer 0.70% or so for phosphorus on the dry matter basis.
That's almost half of this 1.3% phosphorus level on a dry matter basis.
My cat drinks water pretty well but there seems to be solid gold :)
research about high phosphorus levels and renal failure in cats and
unfortunately most foods sold in the supermarkets appear to be in the 1
to 2% range for phosphorus on a dry matter basis. Thus, most foods sold
in the general markets don't meet my requirements for cat food. Fussy,
am I not? Well, renal failure in cats as they age is what I am trying
to avoid if possible, so there!