View Full Version : Heart murmur- 2nd degree

May 2nd 06, 06:49 PM
We recently adopted a cat through People for Animals. Our first cat,
also adopted through them, has been fantastic...most of the time. When
we adopted the 2nd cat we were told she was about six months old, she
had all of her shots and was FHIV -. She has wrapped my wife, myself
and the older cat around her little paw. After a month we inquired
about certification of FHIV testing. They mailed us a form that stated
that she was two months younger than we were told and that she has a
2nd degree heart murmur. I am not upset about the age because she is
growing quite rapidly and has doubled her size weight in the time we
have had her. The murmur worries me. As a child we had a collie with a
murmur. The vet said she would not live past three and would never
deliver puppies. She lived to be 18, and had three litters totalling 15
puppies. Should I be concerned about the murmur and how does the
"degrees" factor in? Thank you in advance.

Lorna Kemble
May 2nd 06, 07:57 PM
I wouldn't worry about the murmur, I see it sometimes at work, more
commonly in dogs. They can lead a good healthy life still but risks
are higher during anaethsetics. If she is younger than what you
thought, make sure if you can that she had her injections. I see it
over and over when people are told they have had them, but sadly
haven't. You should have been given a card to show she had them.

May 3rd 06, 01:05 AM
Hi My Maine Coon has just been diagnosed with a murmur. Since his age
which is 16 I did take him to a cardiologist who ensured me that it was
nothing actually to worry about. The monitor revealed the blood blow
through the arteries which was good and healthy, considering his age,
and this was only detected because he was recently diagnosed with a low
grade colon cancer. If you are worried about it, a Cardiologist was
money worth spent. It certainly did put my mind at rest and you are
present during the procedure. Try and choose a hospital that does not
sedate yr pet during this as some do. Good Luck.