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May 7th 06, 12:49 AM
Preserve a replica of your pets paw with this easy to use Paw print modeling
kit by

Keep The Moment LTD.
Unique, Special & Hand Crafted in Canada.
A Perfect Keepsake or Special Gift for the discerning pet lover.

Individually handcrafted from the highest quality materials, these specialty
Paw Print

kits enable you to create a beautiful replica of a pets paw in wonderful
Beautifully presented in a deep lipped solid wood frame and coming in a
choice of 6

fade resistant mat colors, each kit makes one bronze or cream colored cast.

Create that special memory - to be cherished forever!
Serving USA and Canada.
FREE Shipping on orders over $69.

"The imprint looks better than we both could have imagined." - Amy
"They're beautiful" - Debbie
"They are a great quality gift, easy to use..." - Leanne B

Buy Now as a Perfect Keepsake - to be cherished forever!
Buy Now for that Extra Special & Unique Gift for the pet lover!

We also have Baby Hand Print kits for that special child.

Canada's best Paw Print and Baby Hand Print kits are crafted by:
Keep The Moment LTD
PO Box 31566, Pitt Meadows, B.C. Canada V3Y2G7
PH/Fax: 604 357 1433
email @ KeepTheMoment.ca