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Rona Y.
May 10th 06, 12:21 PM
> Brandy Alexandre > wrote:
> >Unsubscribe
> My condolences Brandy, perhaps when you are up to it you can tell us
> what happened with Kami her last few days.
> -mhd

I'm guessing that won't happen. Kami had been in poor health for
sometime now, and I would bet that she had to be pts. Given how people
have reacted to Brandy's treatment of Kami in the past (I probably said
a bad word or two, as well, though I don't remember doing so), she
couldn't make such an admission without fearing verbal rebukes,
insults, or otherwise. It's such a shame, because I'm sure Brandy
really did love Kami, and it would be helpful for her to unload some of
her sorrow here.

I, too, offer my condolences to Brandy, and I hope she has the occasion
to subscribe again.