View Full Version : New home needed for cat in Altadena, CA.

May 16th 06, 04:53 AM
I have a friend in Altadena with a very large black neutered male cat.
But she is alergic to cats and is now developing asthma. So
she has to find a new home for him.

He is big and muscular, maybe 18 pounds. While he is very affectionate
toward my friend, he seems to be uncomfortable with men. He is also
fiercely territorial and might not habituate well in a household with
other pets. He's probably about 5 years old.

One other thing that is peculiar about this cat. He will NOT jump
up on a table or kitchen counter. We don't know why. He is
fine on chairs and climbing trees and jumping up on fences outside
but inside he stays on the floor or just a little bit above. Not
something to complain about, actually.

So, can anyone help my friend to find a new home for Blackie?



June 5th 06, 12:46 AM
It's been a while and it looks like no one helped you. Please contact
the Humane Society - NOT the pound, and ask about local rescue
organizations. They can help you get a new home for the cat.