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May 17th 06, 06:05 PM
If that is the right term.

Many of you may recall that my little rescue tabby has eosinophilic
granuloma complex and allergy-related condition that makes lesions form on
the backs of her legs and sometimes ulcers form on her lip. She also has
Asthma that was pretty severe when I brought her home a little over four
years ago. To control these things, my vet used shots of Depo Medrol every
two-to-six months, depending on her symptoms. One of the downsides to this
drug, which is a steroid, is that it can cause feline diabetes.

She had been on Iams dry and wet food. After reading about the benefits of
wet food I put her on just premium canned cat food (which to me is canned
food with actual beef, chicken, or some other kind of meat or fish as the
first ingredient, as opposed to "meat byproducts".) The only other things I
have done have been what you would normally do to control allergies: I
control her exposure to dust, smoke, and chemicals, use unscented litter,
and don't wear perfume or heavily perfumed things in the house.

It has been since July, 2005 that she had a shot, and she has not had a
single bump on the back of her leg or a lesion on her lip, or an asthma
attack or even a coughing spell. This is the longest she has gone.

When someone posted the list of Fancy Feast varieties that are wheat gluten
free yesterday, I noticed that the varieties I am now feeding her are in the
list, so I think avoiding wheat gluten also played a role.

I thought this might be helpful to others with cats with these disorders.

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