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May 18th 06, 01:44 AM
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> I came home and nearly had a heart attack when a stripey orange and
> white cat didn't come to the door to greet me (and then sneak out).
> Turns out the Stripey one was in the middle of vomiting a paper towel he
> must have pulled out of the trash. Yeesh. Worse than a dog. I think
> he'll live. He's chowing down right now. (Cat food, not paper.)

Funny story. I work in a unit of six people and of the six, I'm the only
one that doesn't have any kids. Matter of fact, there are six kids. I'm
sure there's another six in there somewhere.

In any case - we were talking to an expectant dad about household
cleanliness. One of my co-workers spoke up that before his daughter was
born their home was spotless. But now with a toddler and a dog, it's
vomit from either one nearly all the time.

Pets puke. The sooner we get past that little fact the better off we