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May 18th 06, 09:01 AM
Importance of planned Pregnancy

Planned Childbirth can help prevent birth defects.

The vitamin B folic acid helps prevent birth defects. If a woman has
enough folic acid in her body before and while she is pregnant, her
baby is less likely to have a major birth defect of the brain or spine.

Most women do not know how important folic acid is for their bodies and
for the health of a baby they might have in the future. They also do
not know that a woman needs to take folic acid every day, starting
before she is pregnant, for it to work to prevent birth defects.

Birth defects of a baby's brain or spine happen in the first few weeks
of pregnancy, often before a woman knows that she is pregnant. That is
why it is important for a woman to get enough folic acid each day,
starting before she is pregnant.

Organs of the baby form during the initial three months of pregnancy.

Unfortunately as most of the pregnancies are unplanned, the intake of
Folic acid does not happen before pregnancy. In the case of unplanned
pregnancy, the mother knows about the pregnancy after one month of
pregnancy. Again by the time she consults a doctor and starts taking
medicines, few more days or weeks will be lost.

So if you are planning for a child, consult your doctor and start
taking Folic acid supplements before pregnancy.

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