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May 24th 06, 04:38 AM
my cats don't chew on them, never have...what do they do is knock them
over, which often breaks the container the plant was in and they've
been known to urninate in the dirt, effectively killing the plant.....

I only have four windows, they are wide windows (2 large panes) higher
up, the spare bdrm has book shevels in front of the windows,,,, I keep
one entire pane with the book shevel open for them, the other side has
two cacti on it (grew for seed, took over year to get to full size)
luckliy they sniffed at them first and now leave them alone...those are
brighest windows though...then there's our bdrm which is off limits to

in the dinning room same thing, only there's a table...I have 2 plants
that grow in lower light, always keeping a large space open for
them...they have destroyed my bamboo plant a gift from a friend that
died, by knocking it off the table

also, had a stained glass butterfly hanging down from the ceiling, it
hung only 1 foot down from the ceiling, last week they got that
too.....they had never even paid attention to it all before

the other window acess is sliding glass door's the can look out from
the floor with no blocks but of coarse like the end table's and have
broken the picture's on them

they also destroy all their toys, tear them to shreds

I really think having one cat is much easier

coudn't afford to buy book suggested but will be checking it out
through interlibrary loan, Cat VS Cat (ty to who suggested this book)
and The Cat Who Cried for Help

what I want I want to buy, got great reviews from from critics &
readers is; OutwittingCats: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques For Persuading
the Felines in Your Life That What They Want is Also What you Want.
~Wendy Christensen

phew, now there's a title for you....I'm sure the other books will be
good too


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