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June 12th 06, 01:06 PM
Hello -

First of all, I apologize (sorry) for this message being as lengthy as
it is, and also if my ideas are ridiculous &/or silly, but I very much
need any help I can get from anyone who can at least try to.

What I probably regret most as the last owner of The Late Great Bailey,
http://members.aol.com/dlee122298/images/cat00.jpg &
http://members.aol.com/dlee122298/images/cat03a.jpg, is that I never
got to see how she looked as an extremely cute young little kitten
because, although I was extremely fortunate to have such a truly
outstanding "meow machine" (kitty-cat, of course) for as many as
approx. 16 1/4 wonderful years before I had to make the very painful
decision of finally having to put her to sleep after she aged to the
point of suddenly collapsing on her hind legs & thus becoming unable to
walk in the very sad early afternoon of Wed. March 20th, 2002, my
family was not her original owner - in fact, my family was probably the
3rd family or person to own Bailey (we got her in December '85 when she
was already a few years or so old).

Very unfortunately, we lost contact with her previous owner many years
ago & therefore apparently it's too late to try to track them down so
that we can possibly exchange copies of pictures of Bailey - especially
since we can't seem to remember anything about the previous owner. So
are there possibly any ways that we can still get at least an idea of
how she looked, or at least probably looked, as a young little kitten?

I've seen so-called "age-progressed" images of human faces that show
how they would look at an advanced age - especially in cases of missing
people, showing how they would probably look currently these days
instead of at the time they disappeared years ago. If such
"age-progressive" imaging can be done on human faces, then can't the
reverse, "age-regression", be done on the adult faces of "meow
machines" so that it can be seen how they probably looked as young
little kittens? If yes, then anyone know any places or any websites on
the Internet that can help me? Are there possibly even any software
programs that I can get in any way? I realize that such a project
probably costs a lot of $$$ (money), but I'm willing to pay what I can
afford if everything is reasonable.

Any effort(s) to help will be appreciated - thanks.