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A Poor Shepherd Boy And His Dog At His Masters Fee
June 12th 06, 10:17 PM
HOWEDY Crystal aka starrkssd and Starr,


Please pardon The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing
Grand Puppy And Pussy And Horsey Wizard for hijackin this
thread an changin the crossposts, but it's probably the beast
way to get your response to some discussion on the drunk
forum withHOWET you gettin involved in their psycho politics
of hand wringing and protecting each other's DIS-EASE.

> Animals would never act so barbaric!

You're right. Animals only EXXXPRESS aggression
when they're SCARED TO DEATH <{) : ~ ) >

> I wonder if anyone shed a tear over the dead puppy:-(

Naaah. The animal abusers here abHOWETS only think
of SUEING the breeder for whatever they can think of.

> we need to switch the meanings of the words "humane" and "animalistic."


Here's the post The Incredibly Freakin Insanely Simply Amazing
Grand Puppy And Pussy And Horsey Wizard would ask you to
reply to, just to set the record straight and maybe heelp a couple
of "slippin" *(slippin is a euphamism for relapsin into their DIS-EASE
like euthanize is to dog lover speak for MURDERIN critters ) alky's

So, in the SPIRIT of Bill W, if you will:

TaraG wrote:
> "Mark Warner" > wrote in message
> ...
> > Craig S. wrote:
> >> At first I thought this guy had the hots for Tara, but now I sense
> >> some serious instability.
> He's a whack job from the rec.pets.dogs.behavior ng. No big deal. I'm only
> surprised he didn't think of this 3 or 4 years ago when we were actually
> battling some things out. He's one of 3 or 4 in my bozo bin (I was hoping he
> and TedW could keep each other busy in there) at this point, so if you guys
> hadn't pointed him out, he wouldn't even have made my radar.
> As I mentioned, I pointed out his insanity to a newbie that he was actually
> swaying with his ideas. Since he's been KFed by almost everyone on Usenet,
> at this point, he's just starved for the attention.
> If you're of a mind to, just put him in the bin and be done with it. If
> you're not, then feel free to play with the troll and see what happens. He
> gets boring pretty quickly though.
> Tara