View Full Version : Another use for cat litter

June 13th 06, 02:01 PM
My car got flooded in a parking lot when we had torrential rains two
weeks ago. Nothing too major but there was about three inches of water
on the floor of the driver side and enough on the passenger side to
kill the computer (another story). It's 15 years old but I'd like to
keep it a bit longer.

I needed to figure out a way to get the carpet dry and, well, I have
all of this cat litter and that absorbs moisture so I dumped a bunch
on the floor of the car and waited 24 hours. It sort of worked out
well. It clumped and I used a trowel to scoop it into a garbage bag.

If I had it to do over again, I think that I'd use the wheat stuff or
crystals; the clay-based type that I used formed, well, clay. Much of
it came out in clumps but some is still forming a sticky goop on the
carpet. Not to worry, I just put down some more last night and as of
this morning I could see that it was pulling up more water.

And if the worst happens then I can always use the car as a kiln. I
can spin the car in circles and make an ashtray.

I did close the windows enough to keep any local cats out of the car;
that sort of accident I don't need.