View Full Version : Dental Chews and Chlorhexidine

June 22nd 06, 04:38 PM
I just spent some time trying to get information from Virbac about
their dental chews. The person answering the telephone did not know
about chlorhexidine and had trouble with English - and this is in their
veterinarian division!

Anyway, there apparently is a big difference between the CET chews for
cats that you get in the vet office and at the retail level. Someone
asked about this in a post but since it's 30 days I was not able to
post a reply. Apparently something new about Google now?

Anyway the answer is for humans and probably for furry humans, the
difference is the 0.12% chlorhexidine. This is a power antibacterial
agent that kills the germs that cause gum disease. Not many products
can do this as safely without harming the teeth.

In humans, it is only by prescription. If used too much, it can stain
the teeth brown which can be removed by a dentist. Probably one of the
sugars does this. And taking a bit of a mouthwash too much. If used
gingerly, like in a dull syringe, it may not do this. It's a
side-effect that can be avoided. This is for humans now. We have teeth

But in a single chew, it's probably not going to do this. That's my

Now were to get this? I don't know. I probably would like the 0.12%
chlorhexidine because I suspect those who use the dental chews that
work are using this version and not the retail version which is missing
this critical ingredient, actually, a powerful agent.

Or I have the 0.12% chlorhexidine already in a mouthwash, could add it
to a chew but it does have a somewhat strong taste that I doubt cats
would like if just added. Not too bad but cats are Fussssssssssssy.

Or I can get out my feline toothbrush and toothpaste and actually start
brushing her teeth!