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Joseph O'Brien
June 24th 06, 09:24 PM
Thanks for your interest. My cat had a high fever and a high
white-cell counts. My vet believes my cat has an abscess somewhere. He
gave my cat a shot of antibiotic and put him on 3mL of amoxicillin per

This was much easier said than done, by the way. You see, I have a Bad
Kitty, and after a vicious sounding battle with the vet and technician
to get a blood sample, they had to sedate him. Just before he went
down, he left behind a nice, solid turd... a kitty "middle finger," I
like to think. I'll admit, even though I'm embrassed by his behavior,
I'm a little proud at the same time! Way to go, kitty! You tell that
vet who's boss!

Almost 24 hours later, his symptoms haven't changed. The vet said to
give him a few days to get better. Cross your fingers.


Buddy wrote:
>What did the vet say?

Joseph O'Brien wrote:
> Hello. I will be taking my cat to the vet today, but I wanted to put
> this out there so I can be prepared.

> My cat is going on 4 years old. He's generally healthy and active.
> Recently his stool hsa been loose and has been more lethargic than
> usual. I noticed that he was having trouble jumping a few days ago.
> He had to kind of climb up on our bed (rather than jump), and he
> wouldn't even try for the bathroom counter.

> We have not changed his diet, we don't have any house plants. My other
> cat is fine.

> Any thoughts? I wish I had taken him to the vet sooner, but my typical
> pet philosophy (to prevent me from always running to the vet) is that
> if things are going "in" and coming "out," he's probably OK. I give
> specific symptoms, a week, unless he's obviously in pain.

> Like I said, I'm going to the vet today. However, if I can get a few
> ideas of what might be wrong beforehand, I would feel better prepared
> to ask appropriate questions.

> Thanks,
> joseph