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July 5th 06, 01:16 AM
This same kind of post brought me to this message board.
Some one else said that their cat had high blood sugar and low temp.
And they were told that they need to check the labs again.
Well, guess what...My cat has the same problem. I just spent all day at
the emergency vet. My diabetic cat has a blood sugar of 332 and his
tempature is 94.6. They spent all morning with heating pads and
blankets, I tried the same thing at home, but his temp just keeps
dropping. After about an hour in the sun with a blanket, I got it up to
98, but as soon as he came back in the house (With AC turned off), he
dropped back down to 96, then 94 in less than an hour. Yet his BS went
from 249 to 269 to 332 in the course of the day. And he hasn't eaten a
thing. He is lethergic, heavy breathing, weak, and grunting. He's at
the hospital now to spend the night. Oh yeh, just to make it more
confusing... his labs are all normal except the BS. But EKG showed a
strain on his heart. (from unknown reasons). He does have hyperthyroid,
but he's on Tapazol, and his T4 today was 2 points above normal. Like
the BS the symptoms he has are the opposite of what you would find with
elevated BS or T4.