View Full Version : Drugging My Cats For Move?

July 9th 06, 09:45 PM
I am going to be moving from Texas to Colorado and am worried about my 3 cats. One is a ferrell cat that I have tamed over the past 5 years and I am terrified that she will revert when she is out of her familiar territory. It took me nearly a year to get her to stop hiding from me and she is still nervous at strange sounds and hides when I have company. My other cat is 11 years old and I worry about his health because I have heard it is very traumatic for cats to travel a long distance. My 3rd cat is a yowler! BIG TIME! A trip to the vet that is only 4 miles from here drives me crazy. He cries non stop! All 3 cats are indoor only cats and get along great.
I guess my question is should I have my vet drug them for the move so they won't be terrified on a 16+ hour drive? Should I crate each one seperately or all together in one big crate? What about food, water and litter box for trip?
This may sound silly, but I am very nervous about moving them and want what's best and easiest on them, but don't like to drug my animals. I would love to hear from anyone that has experienced a long distance move and know what they did and how cats adjusted to new home. Any suggestions to make it easier on them would be welcomed.