View Full Version : Meeting another cat...

July 13th 06, 03:03 PM

I have an indoor female cat that we let out in our back yard on a
harness and leesh. She absolutely loves it now afetr getting used to
the harness.

Now, suddenly, a male cat shows up every night to visit my little
Samba. This cat used to belong to our neigbours until he became wild,
now he doesn't want human interaction and lives outside as a stray. I
don't think he's fixed either.

Anyways, I'm having an issue judging his behavior towards my cat. He
rolls around in the grass in front of her and then he goes to see her
face to face and starts Crying or Yelling. Like a kid almost. He
hasn't attacked yet but I'm afraid that he will. Samba is only
declawed in the front so she has not much of a defense against him,
unless they end up using their back paws.

So, should I be afraid to have them meet again? Or is he trying to
mate? Samba is the sweetest cat, she loves other animals, she doesn't
even kill flies!

Any advice would be appreciated.