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July 18th 06, 09:48 AM
Happy Artistic/intellectual type.Independent,optimistic,strong-minded
but soft-hearted. Animal lover. Lifelong learner with boundless
curiosity. Interested in almost everything; still studying and seeking.
Background in art and literature.

Many interests: art, crafts, nature, natural history, wild
plants,gardening, bird-watching, country life. Politics, music(mostly
classical), live theatre, concerts, reading on a wide variety of
subjects; cooking (more fun when shared). Creativity and the life of
the mind are important to me.

I am peace-loving and gentle, rather quiet, but love meeting people and
engage readily with most.I am a practicing Anglican and that is an
important part of my life. I try to live an authentic, sane, simple and
healthy life, aware of spiritual and environmental issues and with a
sense of responsibility towards others.

In spite of being a thinker with a "serious" attitude to life, I am
'young at heart' and have a ready sense of humour. Friends say I am fun
to be with. I laugh easily. I dislike conflict and love harmony. I
prefer a quiet life. I love language, am articulate and sometimes quite
talkative. I enjoy good conversation but can also be silent for a long
time when engaged in something that interests me.

I place a high value on friendship and am loyal and devoted to those I
care for. I love getting together with friends, but dislike big noisy

I am truthful and detest superficiality, snobbery, pretentiousness and
dishonesty of any kind. I dislike vulgarity and bad language. I am not
a prude, but have been described as "dignified" and "refined.
I am tall, slender and fit. I look younger than my age. I am
semi-vegetarian and enjoy preparing fresh, healthy meals.

I am a natural sort of woman; I wear very little make-up and I like
casual, comfortable clothes. I do not enjoy getting "tarted up." I do
not smoke and drink just the occasional glass of wine with a good