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July 19th 06, 02:22 PM
I'm taking Kira back to the vet on Thursday. She's the one who has been
stressed out a lot lately because of Chase going after her. She does
seem to be a little better after starting the feliway, but she has lost
weight, and the herpes thing with her eye has gotten worse again.

I have put together a list of things to ask about at the vet. I would
welcome any advice. I do think it is mostly stress, but I want to rule
out any other problems and also deal with the stress more successfully.

Kira is 12 years old. She did have bloodwork in February that was
considered fine. She had a few things that were slightly elevated, but
not bad. I will have new bloodwork done, so if anything has changed, it
should be a good pointer to what is wrong. I'm hoping that nothing more
serious is going on. But I want to rule it out.

She doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but I want them to check just in
case, Her fur goes back down quickly, when I pull up a section, but she
is long haired, so it may not be as obvious, and I am not very
experienced with that. So, I will ask and if needed, bring home a sub-q

Her weight is down. That is what is really bothering me the most. She
feels too light, and while she eats everytime Igive her food, she
mostly licks off the gravy and doesn't eat very much of the actual
food. I'm going to ask about an appetiite inducer (what would people
recommend, I remember hearing about a couple different kinds). I did
get her attention when I cooked a roast in the crock pot, so I saved
all the extra juice. I will see about heating it and pouring it on her
food. She ate a few chunks of the roast this evening.

I will ask about an injection to help her gain weight. When I had
Jasper who was severely underweight, they gave him something, I think
it was a steroid, intended to help him gain weight.

I will also ask about worms. I haven't seen any evidence, but I might
as well ask while there, and make sure she doesn't have extra problems
there. Can they test that without bringing in a sample? She's not
eating as much, so I haven't actually seen her poop in the last few
days. I can seclude her and keep the litter box empty, but I would like
to let Jay Jay downstairs if possible.

Does anybody have experience with a cat having anxiety or stress

I've been working to keep Chase away most of the day, but he has spent
the last 6 years thinking my bedroom is his room. Right now, he is
locked in his offcial bedroom (my nephew's room), and he is crying
constantly. He does not like being locked in there. I've been keeping
him upstairs all day while I am at work and only letting him down when
my nephew gets home (between 2 and 5 am). She seems a bit better, but I
think she needs some help until things get back to normal.

I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think I have some ideas why
it has gotten like this, and why it is suddenly worse now.

One issue is that Maynard died a year ago May. Maynard was Kira's only
friend, aside from me. I really thought she would warm up to Jay Jay
(who is very nice to her), but she refuses. If anybody gets nearher,
she growls at them. She never goes upstairs anymore, and she must be
very lonely while I am at work. Until this week, she was always all
over me while I am home. This week, she has been camped out on the
bookshelf and only comes down for food, water, and litter box. She
won't even sleep on the bed this week. She seemed depressed really bad
last summer, but improved after a bad month.

Why now? Well, two things. My job has been busier. We just did a
remodel at work with a grand re-opening thing. I was working 32 hours a
week prior to that, and just spent 2 months at 40 hours per week. This
is my second week back down to 32. So, I have been gone more, leaving
her alone more.

My nephew started a job about 5 months ago. He works at the airport,
and has overtime almost every day. His scheduled shift is 4pm - 1am,
but he only gets off on time once a week. He usually gets off between 2
and 4 am. So, he is gone a lot, and Chase is getting bored. I am trying
to convince him to play more with Chase and get him more tired.

My hours should be settled down now, and I do have a vacation coming up
- 2 weeks in August. I might go out of town for one night. If so, I
will have Chase locked upstairs the whole time. But overall, I should
be home a lot more and can give her more time.

My nephew's schedule will not change anytime soon. Any suggestions on
exercising the demons out of this boy? Especially since he seems to be
prey driven, and she acts like prey (fluffy twitchy tail, whines and
growls, runs away, and now looks weak).

Anything else I should be checking while I am at the vet?

I have Friday off too, so if the bloodwork shows anything, I can go
back on Friday to do any followup treatment.

July 22nd 06, 02:05 AM
I took Kira to the vet yesterday as planned. She was already acting
better the day before, eating more, and coming down from her hiding
place to sit with me.

The vet found nothing wrong except her weight loss and continued eye
problem, so he gave me some food stimulants, and some more enisyl for
her eye (I still have the ointment).

She was not dehydrated, and her temperature was fine. I cam home
feeling much better, that it really was caused by stress, and that has
been improving with some changes I have made. I also bought another
feliway for upstairs so that the hunter cat might calm down a bit, and
I bought him some new toys to help with his boredom problem.

Today, the bloodwork came back. I was to call anytime for the results,
but when I got up, there was a message to call. I called and they said
he would call me when he was done with his current patient. Previously,
the receptionist has given me good results, so that scared me. He
called soon after, and I got the news. Not as horrible as I feared,
thankfully. Her white blood count was really high, indicating
infection, and she was slightly anemic. So, I went back today to get
meds for both. Sounds like everything is curable, so not as bad as it
could be. I am very greatful to have done the bloodwork again.

It looks like I got a different style test this time, so the results
are listed a little differently. The test in February was a geriatric
panel. This one looks like a standard panel looking for problems. I'm
not sure what the differences are. Some of the results look exactly the
same. One shows a percentage in the geriatric test and a unit for the
current test. The first one was low, now it is high.

I'm going to spend some time this evening trying to learn a bit more
about the results. I'm confident that my vet diagnosed it fine. I just
like to understand it better.