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July 19th 06, 06:00 PM
On Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:34:17 -0400, Reesecups wrote:

> Have a question for anyone out there. Probably an easy one to
> answer.
> I have two cats. One is 14 years old and is the ill one. The
> second has been with me for 7 years and both cats 'tolerate' each
> other most of the time.
> The 14 year-old cat got sick and had to spend the night at the vets.
> Since he has returned home, the other cat won't have anything to do
> with him. The 7 year-old just hisses and throws fits when the other
> one tries to get near him.
> The vet's assistant recommended putting a drop of perfume on the 7
> year-old's nose to resolve the issue.
> I personally would think perfume might make him ill. Any other
> suggestions or advice about this problem? And help would be greatly
> appreciated...

That's not unusual behavior; as others have said, it's the strange odor.
I wouldn't put perfume on the other cat's nose because it usually has
alcohol in it. If you've ever had a cat manage to crank its head around
to lick a fresh Frontline application, the alcohol in it is what causes
the cat to hyper-salivate.