View Full Version : At what age do you switch to "senior" food?

The Cat Whisperer
July 21st 06, 06:29 AM

July 21st 06, 02:27 PM
>I don't believe I would ever just categorically switch to senior food
>because of an age number. I think that cats need a good quality protein in
>old age and that many senior foods drop the ball in that regard in an
>attempt to cut calories.
>Each cats needs should be evaluated separately- some cats put on weight as
>they get older, while others have trouble keeping enough weight on. Some
>cats have diseases/conditions that mandate a specific diet. It's not as
>black and white *IMO* as ___ years = senior diet.
>If you describe your cat in regard to his age, health, activity level etc.
>I'm sure folks will hep you determine what his specific needs are.

I think after 8 or 9 a cat is considered senior.