View Full Version : Anemia?

July 23rd 06, 09:52 AM
Kira was at the vet again on Thursday. Her checkup was fine except her
weight loss and continued eye problem (herpes virus).

Her bloodwork came back on Friday - high white blood count and slightly

It didn't sound really bad when I talked to the vet. I went in and
picked up two things for her, another antibiotic and a supplement for
the anemia.

She was actually doing beter on Wednesday before the vet visit, and
continued fine til today. She wouldn't eat this morning before I left
for work. When I got home, she seemd okay, and I gave her the appetite
stimulant. I waited awhile and then served food. She won't touch it.

And now she is uncomfortable. I think she is constipated. She is pacing
and moewing like she is in heat (she was spayed 11 years ago). And she
hasn't been meowing lately anyway - just opening her mouth and nothing
coming out. So, while I am glad the voice works, I am having a tough
night. It's 1am, and tomorrow is Sunday. Not much I can do.

I've been looking up info on anemia, and I am worried. The websites say
that regenerative is better than non-regenerative. Her bloodwork says
regenerative rcb response, so I have the better of those two options.
But it doesn't rule out some cancers and other serious issues.

The website also mentions a PCV test. I don't see those initials on my
bloodwork, so I don't know if it was done. It does say platelet
estimate adequate. And no hemobartonella seen.

Are there any websites that show examples of bloodwork results and
explain them?

It sounded like she was just a little anemic, but I have seen her
breath fast sometimes, and I see now that this is a symptom.

Also, if she has some kind of cancer, would that show up in the
bloodwork. If so, what numbers should I be looking at? If not, what
tests would I need to do to find it?

I'm supposed to go back in 2 weeks to get her blood done again. I will
probably go back sooner. I just wish I knew more of what to ask. And
what I should be looking for.