View Full Version : Purina kitten chow

July 26th 06, 05:24 AM
Any opinions one way or the other? The kittens have had both canned food
and some moistened kitten chow. For a couple weeks I have also left dry
kitten chow out for momcat but until the last several days, only
occasionally would a kitten nibble on it. The kittens do drink water;
momcat taught them to early on. I'm putting canned food out 3-4 times a
day and now, between times, they are eating more of the chow.

Particularly considering how "wild" she is, momcat has done a great job
with the kittens and doesn't take a swing at me nearly as often. The
kittens are now approx 7-weeks and she does still nurse them some, but
only for short periods so she must be drying off.