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Elizabeth Blake
July 26th 06, 02:36 PM
"Reesecups" > wrote in message
> Hi everyone,
> Hoping I can get a little help here. I have a cat who is
> constipated and has been for a while. Took him to the vet about 2
> weeks ago and he was given an enema. Since then he is still
> constipated. The vet isn't concerned unless he starts vomiting
> again (which he did before the last time we took him in).
> Any suggestions on what to give a constipated cat? We've been
> giving him a finger full of Laxatone every night without much good
> results....
> Any help would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> reesecups

My cat Harriet at work had a really bad bout of constipation last summer.
An enema at the vet's would clear her out and she'd become blocked again
immediately. After going back & forth 4 times I took her somewhere else.
She is now on Lactulose (a prescription stool softener) and cisap[ride
(Propulsid, compounded at the vet's) twice a day. She would become blocked
up again if she didn't have her medication. There was a thread here just
recently about another constipated cat, Sweeter, who had to have surgery to
correct the problem. That surgery was also mentioned to me by the vet, if
the Lactulose/Propulsid combo didn't work.

Two weeks is far too long. He's got to get cleaned out and on medication.
Laxatone and other OTC hairball/laxatives did nothing for Harriet. The vet
said the longer she was blocked, the greater the chance of her colon getting
stretched out of shape which would only cause the problem to continue.

Please ask your vet about prescription medication. if he recommends
Lactulose, get it flavored.