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July 26th 06, 03:55 PM
He should also be fed canned water because there is a higher water content
in it. Some people recommend mixing some pumpkin in it (plain canned pumpkin
with no spices).
"Reesecups" > wrote in message
> Hi everyone,
> Hoping I can get a little help here. I have a cat who is
> constipated and has been for a while. Took him to the vet about 2
> weeks ago and he was given an enema. Since then he is still
> constipated. The vet isn't concerned unless he starts vomiting
> again (which he did before the last time we took him in).
> Any suggestions on what to give a constipated cat? We've been
> giving him a finger full of Laxatone every night without much good
> results....
> Any help would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> reesecups