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July 27th 06, 04:12 PM
My mother has a cat, Misty, that was an outdoor cat up until a few
months ago. She fed it and kept it warm in the winter time, but it
never wanted to be brought inside. When she moved from her house a few
months ago, she took the cat with her because she was worried how the
new owners would treat her. Unfortunately, my mother's other cat,
Molly, declined to be friends with Misty and has been growing steadily
more aggressive. Misty is living under the bed and doesn't come out
much - she's miserable.

I think Misty might be a great barn cat. She's lived outdoors
for the past 5 years in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and knows how to
take care of herself. She is not afraid of humans but she is shy and
takes some time to warm up. She is about 7 years old and when she was
checked out at the vet, the vet said she was the healthiest outdoor
cat he'd ever seen.

Misty is a little cat, only weighing about 6 pounds, and she's fuzzy
black. She is spayed. She is really a sweet, sweet cat and desperately
needs a new home. I think she'll be happiest in a place where it's
relatively safe for her to be outside

So, what do you think? Want a new cat? :)
Adoption fee is the cost to microchip the cat.