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July 27th 06, 11:15 PM
Wilber asked:

>Are there any other animals he comes
> into contact with? Some vets will advise
> that the rabies shots aren't necessary
> for an indoor cat who's the only animal
> in an apartment or house.

There is another cat - Amber. She is 11 and also never goes out. I
could leave the door wide open and she would not go out (Tiger probably
would because he is curious). The upstairs (deck) door is only used by
me. The main entrance has three doors (mud room) so it's easy to make
sure Tiger does not get out. I still want them to have their rabies
shots but having to repeat a three year shot after one year is nuts.
Incidentally, my saying the shot was IMRAD-3 was my error. I only heard
this on the phone and I guessed at the letters. The important part of
this was the "3".

>>In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
>> (44 15' N - Elevation 1580')