View Full Version : Treatment questions for anemia, herpes, and stress

August 2nd 06, 12:27 PM
I am wondering if anybody has had a cat with anemia and/or herpes (eye
problem brought on by stress).

Kira has both of these problems. It started because she has been
getting attacked by another cat in the house. She had treatment for the
herpes virus and was doing better, Got attacked again and it flared up
again. She had bloodwork done since the herpes was back and she had
lost weight too. The bloodwork showed an infection and anemia.

That was almost 2 weeks ago, and she has improved. Her eye is almost
cleared up with 2 more weeks to go with the Enysil.

I have seen some faster breathing, both before the anemia diagnosis and
since. She seemed better with that too, though I saw her breathing
faster again Sunday night.

I go back to the vet on Friday to get her bloodwork again to make sure
she is improving and review her treatment.

I figured I would go ahead and ask for more of the anemia supplement
since it has not completely cleared. It's an hour round trip for the
vet, so I would rather not wait til the bloodwork is back to pick up a
supplement if I already know she is going to need more.

I'm wondering if I shoudl go ahead and ask for more Enysil and eye
ointment. She has enough to go 2 more weeks, and that may clear it up.
But I wonder if it would be best to go ahead and keep some on hand for
the next time it happens. It is a lifelong virus that flares with
stress. And at this point, the stress is not going to stop.

We've taken action to reduce her stress, but keeping her and Chase
separated. When I am home, she is downstairs where my bedroom is. Chase
is locked upstairs. When I am at work, we reverse it. She has the run
of the upstairs and Chase is downstairs. This way, they each get some
variety, Kira has more attention, and Chase isn't totally kicked out of
his room. (He thinks he is my cat, and he sorta is). It's been working,
but we had a bad incident today. My nephew didn't catch him when he
tried to get downstairs. He came around the corner and attacked Kira.
He wouldn't let go, and they were a ball of flying hair. I broke it up
and have some nice scratches now. He was taken upstairs, and she is
resting now. But she lost more fur, probably has a few more scabs now
(which is probably the cause of her anemia), and it was obviously a
stressful event for her.

Are their any dangers to using Enysil in a more longterm way?

What more can I do for treating her anemia? And preventing it in the
future? She is currently taking a liquid supplement. Pet-Tinic (iron,
copper, B6, B12, and liver supplement).

I will ask the vet of course on Friday, but if I know of things in
advance, I can ask more about them. I noticed when Maynard had his
liver failure that the vets (admittedly a different vet) were happy to
answer questions about supplements and give recommendations, but they
did not volunteer that information. I had to ask.