View Full Version : FIV+ and Prednisone?

August 4th 06, 05:40 PM
My cat has a hotspot on his foreleg. The vet treated him with oral
antibiotics and (tapering dosage) Prednisone 1 month ago. Helped a
little but not much. Took him back. She's treating him again with oral
antibiotics and (tapering dosage) Prednisone. She said he may need to
be on a lifetime low-dosage of Prednisone.

This cat is FIV+ and has three legs. I am concerned about immune-system
suppression by the Prednisone. (I am also concerned about weight gain
from the Prednisone in a cat with only one foreleg.) Vet doesn't seem
concerned but I certainly still am. Does anyone have any
information/experience with FIV+ kitties and Prednisone?