View Full Version : Sick and tired of the same old BULL?

Ed Burke
August 5th 06, 09:18 PM
I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired

of the same old BULL they have been shoveling out.

For I don't know how many years now I've been

buying and trying every new Wonder Drug that has

come out for everything from heartburn to vitamins,

only to find out there all crap.

You take the 10 different brands of junk for heartburn

and it just goes away for a short time and then, Bam,

I shouldn't have eaten that spicy burrito last night and it's back.

So you try all the different brands to see if one might

really be better than an another, only to find out they're

all the same.

Just like vitamins. I must have tried at least 5 different,

so called, highly effective, brand names in the last 2 years.

Some of which were even recommended to me by my doctor.

And 2 years later I feel the same. I don't feel healthier,

I don't get sick (colds-flu) any less and I certainly don't

have more energy. All I really got was some different

colored kool-aid looking urine every time I switched brands.

Tired of all the bull, I started doing some research.

I researched books, online, everywhere. And throughout

my research, being the person that I am, I bought a lot of the

Stuff they were selling and guess what?

I still don't feel much different than when I was using the

other stuff. Figuring I would have to try almost everything

on the planet, I finally came across something that wasn't

like all the other stuff After 12 days of taking it ,I felt different.

I was sleeping better (never rely did sleep well), I didn't

king kong killer heart burn from spiciest stuff I ever ate

(I still feel the heat), I have energy (that I haven't felt in years)

and the worst part is my boss said I even look healthier

(at least I know how he thought I looked to weeks ago, dead).

So now you're saying to yourself, RIGHT, another line of crap.

That's what I thought when I ordered the stuff. All I can say is go

check it out for yourself, get all the information, make your own

decision and see if it makes sense to you.


Ed Burke