View Full Version : Update on Kira, bloodwork is worse, barely eating, any suggestions appreciated

August 6th 06, 08:59 AM
Kira's bloodwork is back. She is still anemic, worse actually. Her
blood was actually thinner.
Her weight is 6.1lbs. She is barely eating. She'll lick some gravy, but
barely touches any food. We tried an appetite stimulant -
Cyproheptadine. She had a bad reaction to that.

Her anemia is considered regenerative. She had a followup CBC test.

Some things are too high (WBC, MCV, and MCH). Some are too low (RBC,
HGB, and HCT).

This is what the slide review says:

Regnerative anemia. Spun Hct=13% No hemoparasites or Heinz bodies seen.
Slight agglutination noted at 1:20 dilution. Plasma is hemolyzed, a few
ghost cells are noted and rare erythropagia noted on made slide.
Results most supportive of immune-mediated anemia. Nucleated RBCs are
metarubrcytes, polychromatophilic and basophilic rubricytes compatible
with regeneration. Neutrophilia with left shift. No toxic change.

So far, the only part I understand is that no parasites have been
found, and it is mostly likely an immune system problem. But we don't
know yet what is actually causing this.

She was prescribed prednisone yesterday, and my vet had me double her
dosage since this morning. I will probably go back next week since her
medication will run out sooner than planned.