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August 7th 06, 01:50 AM
"tanada" > wrote in message
> Susan Conant has been known for her "dog lover" mysteries for some time
> now. Although I'm not a big d*g fan, I like her writing and find the
> world of dog shows that she uses as a back drop for some of her work
> fascinating. Susan is apparently branching out, as she has written a food
> oriented mystery with her daughter and is branching out in other
> directions as well.
> Scratch the Surface is Conant's first book in the world of cat mysteries.
> The protagonist is a cat mystery writer who has never been owned by cats,
> and comes home one night to find a dead body and a gray châteaux cat in
> the vestibule of her house. What happens from there is an intriguing and
> funny look at a catslave in the making. This one is not gory, the cat is
> not only a part of the mystery, but part of the solution, the police are
> different than one would expect, and the protagonist is 3/4 Scottish and
> somehow this gets woven into the plot.
> If you are into cat mysteries, this is a good one to check out from the
> library. Conant's writing is not for everyone. Personally, I loved it.
> However, I like a sense of irony, humor and a taste for the macabre in my
> reading material.
> Pam S. who gives it a three tails up

Thanks, Pam. That sounds like a book I'd enjoy.