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August 12th 06, 06:18 AM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Brian and I wish to thank those who care and love
unfortunate and homeless pets. I created a pet adoption website
www.longislandanimals.com is that is intended to help any animals
possible. This site features a classifieds style adoption ad section
where animals can be listed with photos and searched for by area and
any attributes desired.

The website is free for all and also has over 1200 pet articles and
users can submit articles if they wish to have them included on the
site. There is also a forum and chat area as well for information

I hope this site can be of use to you and that you help to make it a
success by visting and checking things out.

The links are
Home page www.longislandanimals.com
Adoption ads www.adopt.longislandanimals.com/ads
Pet articles www.longislandanimals.com/articles/
Forum www.adopt.longislandanimals.com/phpBB2/

We will be adding and revamping a bit as we get going. Thanks for your
attention and I look forward to conversing with the members here and