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Adrian A
August 15th 06, 10:15 AM
Cheryl Perkins wrote:
> As I think I mentioned in another thread, I have taken in a youngish
> black cat I think I will call Sam. He had at least three names from
> the neighbourhood he was roaming before. I can't believe he didn't
> have a home since he is such an affectionate cat, but he's been
> roaming around for at least a couple week, and no one seems to be
> looking for him. I figure if no one's reported him to the SPCA and
> Humane Division by now, I have another cat.
> He's got an appointment at a vet clinic next Saturday for the usual
> once-over and some discussion of a few things. First of all, he is
> allegedly neutered (according to one of the rescuers) or a non-sprayer
> (according to another). I am far more familiar with female cats, but
> to my inexperienced eyes he looks a little, ummm, large for a neutered
> cat. And there was a definite odour when I came home tonight, although
> I couldn't decide whether it was on the inside or outside of the
> exterior door. There are cases periodically of roaming local toms
> spraying outside a door or window, but I'm not entirely convinced
> young Sam is innocent.
> He's definitely got worms. That's not unexpected, and last time I had
> to treat a cat for worms, at least they liked the taste of the
> medicine.
> He's also got an almost-healed scratch across his nose and eyelid. One
> of the reasons the people wanted to relocate him was that he was
> getting in catfights. I must say, he's quite submissive towards the
> resident Empress Mandy. He wants Out badly, and he also likes company,
> and complains loudly, plaintively and at length when he's hovering
> outside the bedroom door because Mandy's hissing at him.
> I hope the vet checkup goes well (and cheaply!)

Congratulations on your new owner. Purrs for a good checkup.
Adrian (Owned by Snoopy and Bagheera)
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