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Tim Hogard
August 16th 06, 01:51 PM
My cat hat 3 kittens last week and its now day 6 and it looked like
two of them were almost trying to flight. I've heard they don't
start playing till about 3 weeks but this looked like they were
doing what older kittens would, just with less speed and grace.
The one would try to grab the neck of the other one who would then
wiggle around and try to grab the 1st one and they did that for quite
some time while ignoring the 3rd one who was sleeping.

I've always heard that their mother will mind people near them but
she appears not to mind. When I weigh them, two of the three don't
make much noise at all and the mother won't even look at me but as
soon as I pick up the noisy one, she'll watch me and check out what
I'm doing.

How much time with the mother spend away from her kittens? Last
night I know she was in their drawer from about midnight till about
8:30am. After that she went out in the back yard for a few minutes
and wondered around for about an hour in the house. She then spent
about 2 hours going into the room where they are but not into the
drawer. The 1st day she didn't leave them at all (I put food and
water in her box) and the next day she had left them alone for about
a half hour.

The noisy one was the one she dropped several times before she got
the hang of moving them. Is there any easy way to tell if its in
pain or just a loud kitten? I can pet its legs and body without
it protesting sometimes.

Also two of them sound like they have the sniffles at times. Is
that normal or a problem? The third one will sometimes open its
mouth and breath heavily for a few times and then go back to sleep.

I had been feeding the mother kitten food but the one bag ran out
on day two and after that she stopped eating normally. On day 3 she
wasn't eating any cat food and I have her a slice of ham. I tend
to use that as a treat but I figured if she wasn't going to eat the
cat food she would eat it. She ended up eating 4 slices so I guess
she was very hungry. Day 4 she was looking at me like her dish was
empty so I opened a new bag of of the non-kitten mix and she gobbled
that up like starving cat. I wonder if there was something wrong
with the one bag of food. She is eating the new stuff and isn't
looking as skinny. She is got more energy and even played with the toy
mouse and ran up and down the stairs with her normal speed.

And since people like pictures and stories...

Kitten pics are here:

Some from shortly after the 1st. The 1st one was born at 4:50 am.
Piper had climbed on top of me and had been purring like crazy for
about a half hour before that. I could feel her contraction and
then she tried real hard to get under the blankets. She would
have been happy to have the kittens in my bed but I managed to get
her to go to the plastic box. The contraction where about 30
seconds apart and there would 5 or 6 in a series. She was looking
at me and seemed to be happy with me just rubbing her ears.

The 1st kitten was born backwards and it took about 10 minutes from
the time I could see a back foot.

About a half hour latter the contractions started again and she
seemed to be having trouble avoiding the 1st kitten. The cardboard
was wet and cold so I put it in a towel and she didn't seem to
mind but once the second was cleaned up she looked at me with her
soft meow that she uses when she wants something so I gave her the
kitten back and she seemed happy.

The third was about an hour latter. Once she had cleaned them all
up, she looked tied and the box was a mess and wet and nasty. I
put the three kittens in a different basket on a clean towel and
she got up and grabbed one and took it to the second box in the
other room. I took the other two in the basket and she seemed to
be ok with me putting them next to her.

Two days latter she took one for a walk downstairs. She tried to
get in a closet she had been checking out but after dropping the
kitten a few I took it back upstairs to her box. The next day she
took the white one down stairs and then headed back up.

Yesterday she started looking at the drawer. Its not a good location
since she can't get in by her self so she will stare at it until I
pick her up and put her in an open drawer and then she climbs around
the back into the one below. I emptied the bottom drawer and put
a towel in it and she checked it out. She then went to the kitten
box and started to pick up the black one again. Poor thing, she
drops it every time she takes it anywhere. So I picked it up and
took it to the drawer and she seemed happy so I got the other two.

They appear to be eating and gaining about 3/4 oz a day:
Day Tan Black White
1 3 3/4 4 1/4 4 1/4
2 4 1/2 5 4 3/4
3 5 1/4 5 1/2 5 1/2
4 5 7/8 6 1/4 6 1/4
5 6 1/4 7 6 3/4
6 7 7 3/4 7 1/2


August 16th 06, 04:15 PM
"Tim Hogard" > wrote in message
> My cat hat 3 kittens last week and its now day 6 and it looked like
> two of them were almost trying to flight.

Let me guess ... the tortoiseshell cat is the noisy one?