View Full Version : My male cat is spraying - and it's new behavior.

August 16th 06, 07:07 PM
Hi. My neutered male cat started spraying a few months ago. First it
was the couch. Got some Feliway, that seemed to help for a while.
Yesterday he sprayed my tote bag, last night my boyfriend came over
(he's come over many times before, no spraying happened), the male cat
got up, walked over to my guitar case and started spraying on it right
in front of us. Male cat is in good health, just got a check up.
Feliway is still plugged in the wall. He gets along fine with other
(female) cat in my smallish apt. No other cats in the area. I cannot
afford to hire a pet therapist for $400 to cure him, so any
thoughts/help are appreciated. If he sprays the bed, he's going to the
vet and I'm putting him down. I'm at my wit's end, because I love my
pet - I've had him since he was 6 weeks old and now he seems intent on
destroying everything I own. Please help!!!