View Full Version : re: update on fluffy being in labor (or just preg symptoms lol)

August 18th 06, 01:57 PM
Hi again guys sry its been awhile since i have been here but we have
been busy .... fluffy stayed up stairs for 1 day minus 3 weeks since
the vet told me she was in labour but i let her out on wed 2 days ago
and she is soooooooo happy and really very funny in a way ....she
spends her time eating drinking using the bathroom , cleaning and
rolling over and cleaning somemore ...... she has omg like double the
size of her belly and i feel like a lil tapping sometimes im assuming
its the kittens she is super loveable which we are loving cause she was
well a capital B b4 this pregnancy..... now you know when a cat uses
the bathroom and you see her backend kinda roll or shift ,,,,, i saw
alot of that yesterday and this morning without her using the bathroom
, does that mean anything ???
im kinda thinking she will have them tonight cause we are going away
for the night. i will keep everyone informaed and post pics very very
soon of fluffy n her babies tc all n have a good weekend :)