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August 24th 06, 02:40 PM
MyCatsWebsite.com offers free 20 MB web sites with custom subdomain and
email to all cat lovers.

You can pick a URL that is in the form yourcat.mycatswebsite.com and
have a custom email account for yourself or your cat using your

Your account is FrontPage and Dreamweaver compatible. We also have a
WYSIWYG web page editor.

In addition, you can install a blog, photo gallery, forum or CMS with
one-click. Don't have a design for your site, well Template Express
offer many choices of web templates that you can modify to your needs.

MyCatsWebsite.com is a service of Uneedawebsite.com, an established web
hosting company for over 6 years.

Please visit our site and create a site for YOUR CAT.