View Full Version : Dread the Day

August 30th 06, 06:14 PM
Hi everybody,

Its an awful subject i know, but sometimes it helps to talk about it,
and I am dreading the day when we lose our cat. It still seems like
yesterday when we lost our dog, but in real terms its been 4 yrs.
I have come across a little site www.autumnwoods.co.uk that seemed like
a really nice idea. I spose i was thinking back to when I was a child
and all of a sudden our pet hamsters were missing, and no real
explanation was ever given, i think at the time my dad said something
like, its run away. at the time probably believed it but how did it get
past its cage?
I just thought for some parents they could at least say the pet has
gone to autumnwoods and then show the kids the site
doesnt make it any easier though, still very hard to come to tems with