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Cathy F.
September 2nd 06, 11:23 PM
"Sven-Olof Berg" > wrote in message
> Hi,
> once in a while a cat drops by for a visit, and meanwhile I suspect she
> doesn't have anyone to care for her.
> This is not only because she seems quite independent, but just today
> I noticed her belly looks pretty nasty, with red patches that look like
> sores or something. I took some pics as she slept on her back:
> www.6TBO6N0Q52LK.webpage.t-com.de/CatbellyTotal.jpg
> www.6TBO6N0Q52LK.webpage.t-com.de/CatbellyDetail.jpg
> I don't know how a healthy cat belly usually looks like, but I'm quite
> sure this is not how it's supposed to be. I thought about spraying it
> with skin desinfectant, but this might hurt and I don't think she will
> like that, and probably won't return after such an experience.
> Has anyone an idea what exactly is wrong with this animal, and what
> I should do to help her?

Personally, as long as I thought I could get her into a carrier, I'd make a
vet appt. for her to get it diagnosed & treated.

If you don't think you can get her into a carrier, or you think it would
scare her off, big-time, you could print out the photos & bring them to the
vet - an appt., sans the actual cat. Then take it from there, depending on
what the vet says from just looking at the pics & hearing your description.

I would not put any disinfectant on it - she'll be liable to lick it.


> TIA for any opinion
> Sven-Olof